Open Bowling:

Monday-Saturday 3-9pm

Sunday 12-9pm

Prices: Kids $2.75/game

Adults $3.25 before 5pm. $3.75 after 5pm

League Bowlers $1/game

Shoes: $1.50

Socks $2.00

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Fall League Start Dates:

9/19: Sunday Mixed first night

9/24: Friday Open first night

9/27: Monday Open first night

9/28: Tuesday Ladies first night

9/29: Wednesday Men's first night

Youth League Sign Up: September 25-26 noon -6pm

Senior Leagues start Thursday 9/30 and Monday 10/4 at 1:00pm



Stay tunes for the 2021-22 season tournaments

League Bowling:

Women: Tuesday Ladies 6:30, 5 women teams

Men: Wednesday Mens 7:00, 5 man teams

Mixed: Sunday 6:30, 4 person teams

Open: Monday 7:00, 4 person teams

Friday 7:00, 5 person teams

Beginner League (3-7year olds): Saturday 11:30am

Youth League (5-13year olds): Saturday 11:30am

Junior League (11-19year olds): Saturday 2:30pm

Senior League (50 years and up): Monday 1:00

Thursday 1:00

High School Bowling (winter season) CHS, LLHS, DBHS co-op